TodoPaper is a simplelightweight, and easy to use to-do list application for Windows. TodoPaper records your to-dos with the flexibility to make your to-do list as simple or as detailed as you desire. Simply open TodoPaper and get to work.

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Product Description

How does TodoPaper work?

Working with TodoPaper is as simple as typing into a text-editor. Your to-dos are stored in a plain-text file which follows a very easy to learn format:

  • Lines ending with a colon are projects.
  • Lines starting with a hyphen followed by a space are to-dos.
  • All other lines are notes.
  • Tags can be added to any line by typing @tagname.

This is an example of a valid TodoPaper file:

Project A:
- todo 1 @due(today)
- todo 2 @done
  this is a note about todo 2

Benefits of using TodoPaper

  • Quick and easy to-do lists Time is precious and should not be wasted managing your to-do lists. TodoPaper’s easy-to-use interface allows you to insert your to-dos quickly, leaving you with time needed to complete your action items.
  • Input your to-dos from anywhere TodoPaper has a quick log feature, which allows you to input your to-dos without switching your application. For example, say you were reading a webpage and needed to log a to-do task quickly. TodoPaper’s quick log feature allows you to log your to-do without leaving your browser.
  • Grouping with Projects Sometimes it makes more sense to group tasks in your to-do list that are related in purpose and objective. TodoPaper provides you with this ability by allowing you to group related to-dos into projects and sub-projects.
  • Tag your to-dos TodoPaper has a built in tagging feature that allows you to add additional information to your todos. This information can be anything you find necessary or helpful, such as due dates, priority, and other context.
  • Instant searching TodoPaper has an instant search function which allows you to filter your TodoPaper document to only display the most relevant to-dos. Search results appear instantly, allowing you to quickly filter those to-dos that matter most.
  • Portable file format TodoPaper saves your to-do lists as plain text files. This file format allows your lists to be transferred easily between PCs. Also, the plain text file format allows you to copy and paste to-do lists into emails and other documents.
  • Cross platform support TodoPaper was inspired by the wonderful work of Jesse at HogBay Software. Some even call TodoPaper “TaskPaper for Windows”, which is a huge compliment. Jesse’s app, TaskPaper, allows you to edit and work with your to-do lists on the Mac platform (including iOS). TodoPaper uses the same file format as TaskPaper and is 100% compatible. If you are interested in TodoPaper, but are using Mac OS X, I recommend checking out TaskPaper.

What others are saying about TodoPaper

I installed TodoPaper today and by lunchtime I had completely switched over.
—David Benjamin

I’m loving this. I use a Mac at home with TaskPaper. TodoPaper enables me to seamlessly move my action list between Mac and Windows.
—John Wunderlich (

TodoPaper has already become an indispensable tool for me and that’s saying something. I usually change systems every 2 days! I use a mixture of Windows and Mac systems. TodoPaper allows me to use one file for all systems, which is a godsend.
—David Woodhouse (

TodoPaper is extremely lightweight, yet very useful…now I’m going to need to work out what to do with all the scrap paper I will be saving!
—Samuel Walker

Is TodoPaper right for you?

TodoPaper is a simple, lightweight, and easy to use todo software for Windows. If you spend most of your time managing your to-dos, when you should actually be doing them, then TodoPaper is the solution for you. Its minimal approach helps keep you focused so you can get more things done.

Try TodoPaper free for 15 days, use it to manage your everyday tasks or special projects, and start crossing off those to-dos. There are no obligations and you don’t even have to give out your email address.

Download and run the installer on your PC to try TodoPaper. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch.

TodoPaper System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7, 256 MB Ram, 50 MB of hard drive space