What are the pros and cons of being the only employee?


  • No boss, so I can make decisions without interference.
  • Extreme flexibility in where I work, when I work, how I work.
  • Huge productivity increases by not having meetings or continuous interruption throughout the day.
  • I decide what to work on and where to take the business.


  • There’s nobody in the office with me (besides my dog) to bounce ideas with. While this is a con, I do have a network of people that I can rely on through skype,¬†email, and coffee/lunch meetings.
  • I have to push myself to stay motivated and diligent in my work. There’s no manager helping me stay focused. TodoPaper helps here ;)
  • I have to wear all of the hats, which means I split my time between product development, marketing, customer support, research, and finances. I’m using assistants more frequently for these tasks, so this is less of a con today.

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