Why Do We Still Use Fax Machines?

Fax machines are one thing about “normal” business operations that I cannot quite wrap my head around. Why do we still use them? (If you have a good answer, please feel free to get in touch)

Fax machines are outdated pieces of equipment that are bulky (i.e., they take up space in the office), slow (can anybody say dialup?), and complicated (insert expletives after the D*** thing doesn’t work). I have never once been able to operate and send a fax successfully on the first try. I’m a pretty smart guy. I deal with computers all day long. But, the moment I touch a fax machine, all hell breaks loose. Why do we put up with such a monstrosity of office equipment?

The only “Pro” of a fax machine, that I can fathom, is that “everybody has one”. So, ultimately, you should be able to fax anybody any document. But, of course, not EVERYBODY has one. I know my mother doesn’t have one. Neither do my cousins. I can’t fax my buddy in Las Vegas without having him pick it up at Kinkos. Oh, that’s right, not everybody, just every business.

On the other hand, everybody I know, INCLUDING every business that I’ve ever dealt with, has an email address. My copier, scanner combo can scan a document and automatically email it to a recipient. This is the same way a fax works! So why, oh why, haven’t we made the switch?

(I don’t have an answer)

Please, if you run a business, just say no to fax machines. Set up a dedicated email address for receiving documents instead. That way we can go about our day peacefully without having to resort to destroying the machine out of frustration.