Week 9 – Happy Monday

Howdy Folks! Thanks again for hanging in there with me on my journey as a solo-software-entrepreneur. I appreciate your patience and also appreciate your feedback on my progress.

This past week I made great headway for TodoPaper 2 beta testing. I wrapped up a big code rewrite and refactor which has made TodoPaper 2 much more stable. The app is really starting to shape up.

This week I’m working through the last pieces for integrating in-app Dropbox synchronization, a feature that many of you have asked for. If you’ve never heard of Dropbox, it is a file storage and synchronization service that allows you to save a file on one of your PCs or mobile devices and have that file (almost magically) be transmitted to all of your other devices registered with Dropbox. It’s a really great service and is free for 2GB of storage. You should check it out.

TodoPaper 2 is using Dropbox to synchronize your .todopaper files to and from your Dropbox account and to all of your other devices. Some of you might ask why this functionality will be integrated into the application when it’s quite easy to just install the official Dropbox client. I’ve actually received this feature request quite a bit (the #2 feature requested) from customers who are not allowed to install the Dropbox client on their work PC and/or those who run TodoPaper from a thumbdrive (since they aren’t allowed to install ANY software). With the synchronization functionality built in, you’ll be able to continue to use TodoPaper on restricted PC environments and get Dropbox synchronization without installing additional software. Plus, if I ever want to support additional services down the road (Skydrive, Google Drive, iCloud(?), etc) the base functionality will already be built.

All in all, TodoPaper 2 is really shaping up. I’m very excited with where it is heading and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on. If you haven’t already, you should sign up to be notified for TodoPaper 2 beta testing. Stay tuned!