Week 7 – Happy Monday Status Update

Howdy all! Thanks for sticking in there with me on my journey as a single-founder software entrepreneur. Today starts week 7 and I’m happy to share a few things with you.

This past week was a busy one. I was able to get through most of my tasks and start preparing the last remaining pieces for a TodoPaper 2 beta test. If you haven’t already, you should sign up to be notified for testing.

Last week I tried working with a contractor to help me out with a little development of some minor functionality and a new control for displaying contents from the file system. Unfortunately things haven’t gone as planned and I received some work that was incomplete. So, I’ll be working through getting that straightened out this week.

This week I’m also hoping to get through:

  • wrapping up integration of the updated editing component
  • working through the two remaining features before beta (Dropbox¬†sync and collapsing/hoisting logic/indicator display)
  • doing some more test marketing of new promotional material for TodoPaper 2, as well as another product I’m starting to get into.

My plan is to really work hard these next few weeks to get close to launching the TodoPaper 2 beta to my testers. We’re really close and I appreciate your patience as things get wrapped up. I’m also really excited to show you some other things I have brewing in the background, some of which might start to pop up in the next few weeks too.

If there’s anything you need from me this week, or just want to reach out and say hello, feel free to get in touch.