Week 3 – Status Update

Howdy folks! Thanks again for sticking in there with me for another installment of my weekly status update. The first half of this week has been primarily working through the bug I found in my core editing component. It’s a difficult issue, one that is pretty hard to correct, so progress has been slow. But, with the progress I made early in the week, I should be able to fix the rest by the end of the week and get back on track with the remaining features for TodoPaper by early next week.

Also, yesterday I delivered my first client deliverable: user-stories and high-level wireframes of a mobile iPad application which has the potential to transform a segment of my client’s business. I’m helping with the strategy, user-experience, and architecture of the app, which is a nice change from my previous gigs where I’d only get to touch the development side of things.

One thing that I have really been enjoying about being a full-time entrepreneur has been the ability to choose the things I’d like to work on. A little software development here, a little strategy there, a little marketing over there, and a sprinkling of writing on top, makes for a really interesting and hugely productive day/week. Plus, it’s really nice being able to have the time to talk with you all about the app, my progress, where I want to go with TodoPaper and Widefido, and how I’m going to get there. I definitely do not regret any part of my decision to go “all-in” and am hugely excited to show you all what I have and will be working on in the near future.

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