Week 3 – Happy Monday

Howdy All! Thanks again for sticking in there with me. If you are just joining me, I’m now working on Widefido full-time and I’m giving status updates of my progress as I get closer to launch.

Last week was productive. I was able to finish the drag and drop support within the app. This functionality really helps with the usability of the app and I’m really proud of how it turned out. Unfortunately, in writing this drag and drop code I noticed a discrepancy in some of the backend data synchronization. This exposed a bug in the core editing component of the app. This bug is pretty critical, so I’ll be stopping my feature development to get it resolved. It looks pretty “hairy”, so it might take a few days to get through.

I’ll also be working on a small client deliverable (user stories and some high-level wireframes) for Wednesday. If you have never given Balsamiq a spin, you should. It’s really a great app!

Anyways, thanks again for hanging in there with me. If you haven’t already, you should sign up to be the first notified for TodoPaper 2 beta testing.