Week 2 – Status Update

I’ve had a pretty productive week so far. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Monday: Over the weekend I started down the road of rewriting a piece of TodoPaper 2 functionality (session persistence) even though the current implementation was already working (and good enough to ship). Unfortunately, this bled into Monday and took up quite a bit of time, time which would have been better spent working on things that actually need to be written for the first time. Even though this was a roadblock I did work through some consulting maintenance on Monday.
  • Tuesday: After noticing my failures from the weekend and Monday, I reprioritized my efforts to the few tasks on my priority list. I spent Tuesday working through the base implementation of contextual actions, including setting up an extensible platform for future ones down the line. This will be hugely beneficial if I ever decide to improve upon TodoPaper’s syntax to additional functionality.
  • Wednesday: I worked through the initial foundational work for drag and drop support. During this I discovered a few bugs in the contextual action code and fixed those. I spent the second half of Wednesday doing product research and reading through some of the material on the Micropreneur Academy website (which I just joined).

The rest of the week is looking pretty good. Today I will be posting a job for a web developer to help out with the Widefido website and blog. I’m going to be moving web hosts and doing a small site redesign. My hope is that having a web developer on-board will help make that process smooth and free up some of my time to continue with TodoPaper 2 development. I will also be continuing to work through drag and drop support in the app. My goal is to wrap this up by Friday and potentially have a screencast of some of the app details on Monday.

Thanks again for holding in there with me! If you haven’t already, you should sign up to be notified for a TodoPaper 2 beta test.