Week 2 – Happy Monday

Howdy all! Thanks for sticking in there with me as I continue to run and grow Widefido. Last week was my¬†first week as a full-time entrepreneur. It was definitely one of the best weeks I’ve had. Here’s how I finished last week:

  • Thursday: I ran into some issues that were holding up TodoPaper development. I resolved the issues, which allowed me to get back to working on some features. Unfortunately, I did not get to drag & drop as planned, but I should be able to get this soon. I also worked with my VA to do some more research around a couple of new product ideas I’m pursing. This has been a great help and I’m very excited about how I will be using this research over the next couple months. Once TodoPaper 2 is out the door I should have some really interesting things to share.
  • Friday: I completed and polished the DropBox prototype into a library that I can use down the road. This should make its way into TodoPaper and some other products, so this was time well spent. I might even be able to open-source the resulting code if I can make it generic enough. That’s one thing that I want to do more of as I grow Widefido. I want to be transparent and give back to the community through open-sourcing some of my libraries.

I’m starting off this week full of energy, totally refreshed by the weekend, ready to get some really great development done. This is the first time in months that I’ve started a Monday totally amped for what the week has in store. This is a side-effect of a couple of things. I didn’t spend the whole weekend working on my “side-projects” like I had been previously. I actually got to relax and recuperate. This is uncommon, but I really enjoyed that. Not only do I feel refreshed, but because I didn’t spend the whole weekend coding, I am more eager to get started this week. Double win.

I hope to spend the majority of this week working through TodoPaper 2 features. Some things that I want to finish this week are:

  • drag and drop
  • contextual actions
  • and dropbox integration (already underway)

Along with development, I have a few housekeeping things I need to get done. These include consolidating my web hosting accounts (they are getting a little unwieldy), posting a job for a web development contractor to help me with some small web maintenance, make a few phone calls to nurture my current consulting engagement, and do some general business maintenance. After making the decision to go full-time in your business, you learn very quickly that you will be wearing many hats, including the boring, non-technical ones.

I’m also planning on doing some more research this week around my new product ideas. If you’d like to hear about some of my new product ideas and where I’d like to take Widefido over the next couple of months, please shoot me an email. I’d really love to hear from you!

Happy Monday!