Mid-Week Status Update

Howdy folks. I plan on giving weekly status updates on where I am at with things in the business, where I am heading over the next couple of days, and hopefully help open up the lines of communication with you. This is something which I have neglected in the past and which I am trying to turn around now that I am running Widefido full-time.

As you know, this is my first week running Widefido full-time. It’s been an interesting and highly productive week so far. Here are the things I’ve accomplished:

  • Monday: I spoke with a number of customers about how they use TodoPaper and what things they’d like to see in version 2 to help make things better. I signed up to oDesk.com to look for a couple of contractors to help me with simple HTML development for my website and research tasks for the new products I have planned.
  • Tuesday: I spent a good part of the day writing a prototype Dropbox synchronization tool. This will be the basis for syncronization of TodoPaper (and potentially other apps). I interviewed a bunch of job applicants off oDesk and eventually hired my first contractor to help me with research.
  • Wednesday: I am taking on small consulting engagements to help with cashflow for the business and this was my first onsite kickoff. We discussed mobile strategy, marketing, and approaches to software development for a new segment of the client’s business. This should be an interesting engagement going forward. I also received the first results from my contractor and was very pleased at the progress made in the short period of time.

Overall I’ve had a very productive week so far. My plan for the next couple of days is to focus on getting a couple more core pieces of TodoPaper 2 squared away, things that have been waiting to be completed for a while, like drag & drop support. I’ll let you know how these go over the next few days.

Thanks again for staying in there with me! If you’d like to sign up to be one of the first notified when TodoPaper 2 public beta is released, feel free to sign up here.