Copy WTF: "Proprietary Insight"

This is a classic example of why a marketer should not write copy for your website, or why you should ALWAYS hire a copywriter:

[name omitted] is a digital media destination that harnesses the [name omitted] shopping community’s real time buying and selling activity to curate proprietary insights

I had to read this sentence 4 times before I began to understand what was being communicated. Still, questions remain. What is a proprietary insight, and how can you curate one when the medium of curation is a blog. I would think that the public nature of a blog would eliminate the proprietary ownership of such insights. Once an insight is in the public domain, there’s no way to control the ownership of such an insight. Unless of course you file some patent or trademark or copyright. But, last I checked, you couldn’t patent an idea.

And don’t get me started on “digital media destination”.

Lesson: Go find a copywriter that won’t litter your copy with marketing mumbo-jumbolaya!