MnmlRdr Has a New Blog

In effort to further simplify the MnmlRdr experience, I’ve decided to separate the Widefido and MnmlRdr blogs. I’ll probably still post excerpts of the MnmlRdr blog to Widefido, but I’ll spare you from some of the nitty-gritty posts about the internal details of a feed reader.

In the meantime, check out the site and feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed to stay up to date!

How to sync between MnmlRdr and Reeder for iOS

MnmlRdr has an emulation API that allows it to be used with existing third-party apps that are compatible with Fever°. You can easily set up Reeder to sync your feeds across your iOS devices. Here’s how:

  1. Go to to retrieve your MnmlRdr Fever password
  2. Add a new Fever account in Reeder:
  3. Copy the server, email, and Fever password information into the new account screen
  4. You’re done! Enjoy syncing your MnmlRdr feeds to and from your iOS devices with Reeder:

MnmlRdr Feature: Search

I really dislike losing an article I’ve recently read. I generally save my favorite ones with MnmlRdr’s starring feature or I “send to” my bookmarking account. But, sometimes I forget to do either and I have to go “digging” to find it later.

MnmlRdr now makes this a little bit easier with search. Now you can search feed articles and never have to worry about losing another one again.

The search engine looks within the title and body text of your feed articles and matches them against your search query. It uses a special ranking that displays the most relevant recent articles first.

You can also perform more advanced queries, like:

  title:"A New Hope"

  title:"Body Movin" or body:moving or "sound so soothing"

  heat NOT humidity

If you’re using a feed reader that doesn’t let you search within your feeds, you should give MnmlRdr a try.