TodoPaper 2 Collapse Indicators

One of TodoPaper’s strengths has been the ability to fold/collapse projects, similar to the functionality found in outliner software. Two of the things that I’ve disliked most about the TodoPaper 1 implementation of folding was the distracting indicators and the fact that folding was limited to projects.

I’ve completely revamped collapsing in TodoPaper 2. You can now collapse any text hierarchy, including projects, todos, and notes, so long as the line being collapsed has children (lines underneath it with a greater indent). This makes collapsing extremely flexible.

You may have noticed that I’ve removed the left margin where checkboxes and folding indicators used to live. This helps clean up the interface: checkboxes are now the todo hyphens, and indicators only display if a line is collapsed. 

Collapsing can be achieved by holding the Control key and clicking on a line that has children, or by right clicking and selecting “Collapse” from the context menu, or by a simple keyboard shortcut. 

Let me know what you think:

TodoPaper 1 Fixes

I’ve released a new version of TodoPaper 1 that fixes a couple of issues. You can download it here:


Fixes an issue with Windows style newlines and .taskpaper files.

Users who use DropBox to sync their documents with TaskPaper and TaskPaper for iOS were experiencing an issue with the wrong style of newline character sequences in the documents. This bug caused incorrect rendering of projects in TaskPaper for iOS, as well as some crashes in that software. I’ve worked with HogBay Software to address the issue, and while they are working on an update to ensure newlines are correctly converted on document load, this update will resolve the issue by saving the correct style newlines for .taskpaper files. 

NOTE: This will only work correctly with .taskpaper files, as I assume that the .taskpaper file extension is going to be used on the Mac and iOS. If you are using .todopaper or .txt files with iOS, you will need to re-save them as .taskpaper files for this fix to work correctly. 


Fixes an issue with printing and font sizes.

Some printer drivers were interpreting the TodoPaper fonts incorrectly, causing printing to draw the characters in fonts that were unreadable. This fix addresses this issue by sending a correct font size and layout to the printer. 


In other news…

I know a lot of you are also wondering about TodoPaper version 2. I know it’s been a long road, but I am getting very close to a public beta release. I was expecting to release this week, but some issues that popped up need to be resolved first. I want to deliver to you a quality product and hope that you understand the delays. Thanks for your support!