UI Minimalism


I went back and forth for a while on the toolbar. Textual buttons, image buttons, rounded corners, non-rounded corners, etc. I think I’ve solidified the most minimal approach to it all by removing all of that clutter. (Which is surprisingly very close to the original layout of TodoPaper 1 with a bit of polish).

So why did I go this route? Well, after talking to a number of customers and testers, there were very few people actually using the toolbar buttons. Most of you opted for either keyboard shortcuts or just typing into the edit area. This is because TodoPaper makes creating todos, notes, and projects incredibly easy with the keyboard. (Sometimes as simple as pressing a single keystroke to quickly create a new, properly indented todo.)

I think this minimalistic UI is what you’ll see in the final release. I feel it really promotes what TodoPaper is all about:

Provide you with a simple tool then get out of your way so you can actually get stuff done.